Here at springbig, we strive to bring our clients the very best in cannabis marketing, retention, compliance, and more. Recently, we have gained yet another valuable asset to help our clients reach their business goals: Budtender.

In the cannabis industry, you have to do more than just sell cannabis and advertise your business in order to stand out and grow. Just as it is important to acquire customers, it is also important to retain them. But how do you do this? 

Listen to them. That’s right, it’s simple. In order to retain customers, all you really need to do is listen to their concerns, suggestions, and comments. While you may be able to make certain assumptions or educated guesses about what your customers want from their customer experience, there’s no better way to know for sure than to hear it from the source. 

How do you do this? Ask for and collect customer feedback by surveying your customers. We’ve all been asked to fill out customer experience surveys at one point or another, and for good reason too. Surveying costumes helps businesses gain valuable feedback, determine areas of improvement, understand their customers, identify trends, and more. 

Here at springbig, we understand the importance of surveying customers. Our previous integration with Budtender helped us to bring all of the benefits of surveying customers to our customers, but we wanted to do more, which is exactly what our acquisition of Budtender will allow us to do.

What is Budtender? And why the acquisition?

Budtender is Canada’s leading cannabis customer experience platform. In short, budtender’s platform allows retailers access to customizable customer surveys, weekly reports, and the ability to track data in real-time among other things. 

The tools that Budtender gives retailers access to are extremely powerful when it comes to optimizing the customer experience. With Budtender, not only do retailers have access to real-time survey results and customizable customer surveys, but they have access to a platform that helps them organize that data for them and so that they can learn from it. 

From response rates to NPS, CRS, and Product scores, to score overviews and the ability to identify and show important feedback, Budtender does much more than simply generate surveys. 

When it comes to your Net Promoter scores (NPS), Customer service scores (CS), and your Product scores, Budtender makes it extremely to track these across time. Tracking metrics like these such as your NPS, which is a measure of customer loyalty and tells you how likely your customers are to recommend your products to others, can really help you get a broad sense of how you’re doing in the customer experience field. 

On top of generalizing the data into these three scores, Budtender also does a great job of making data from the surveys more digestible by providing retailers with score summaries and highlighting important data points from surveys in the “important feedback” section. 

With all of this, we couldn’t think of anything else our customers could benefit from more, which is why we are extremely excited to announce our acquisition of Budtender. Now, our customers will have full access to Budtender’s customer experience tools and expertise. 

How to make the most out of Budtender

Now that we’ve acquired Budtender, it’s up to you, our clients, to make the most out of it. To help you all out, we’ve decided to put together a quick list of best practices to get you started on Budtender. 

Incentivize customers to fill your surveys

The first, and probably the most important thing you can do when utilizing Budtender is incentivizing your customers to fill out your surveys. While you might get a couple of your customers to fill out your survey out of the kindness of their heart, giving them an incentive will give your a lot more responses. 

How should you incentivize them? With deals and discounts of course! Whether it’s 10% off their next visit for filling out the survey, or a free pre-roll, providing incentives will greatly increase your response rates and will always be worth it.

Make checking your scores and reading comments a daily habit

Second, you’ll want to make checking your scores, the “important feedback” tab, and scanning through your comments a daily habit. All of the data gathered by your survey is useful, but if you’re not analyzing it and learning from it then it’s all for nothing. 

Budtender makes it extremely easy to collect and analyze survey results, so take advantage of it! Analyzing your survey results can help you make big improvements at your dispensary. 

Learn from what your customers are saying!

Last but not least, make sure you actually learn from what your customers are saying. While looking at your survey results and picking out a couple of things you might need to improve on may be useful, what would be much more useful is taking the survey results, analyzing them, and identifying common themes and trends. 

When looking at the survey results, prioritize looking for trends in what people are saying. If multiple people agree that they like this product, or don’t like how this part of your store is set up, you should probably listen to them.


All in all, we’re just excited to have to opportunity to bring out clients yet another tool that can help them meet their business goals. 

Budtender is one of the best customer experience platforms in the cannabis industry, and we can’t wait for our clients to get their hands on it! Take what has been said in this article, use Budtender, and your dispensary will be on its way to an unmatched customer experience.

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