Jeffrey Harris, the CEO and Founder of Springbig is having a significant impact on the North American cannabis industry through Springbig’s loyalty and marketing automation platform. Working alongside well-known partners such as Weedmaps, Flowhub, and Shopify, Springbig provides a variety of solutions. These include an AI feature named Brands Marketplace, designed to assist retailers in enhancing their brand offerings. Harris continues to be focused on enhancing revenue by launching new features. For a more detailed account, see the full article below written by Warren Bobrow from


by Warren Bobrow

“Jeffrey Harris is the CEO and Founder of Springbig – the largest publicly traded loyalty and marketing automation platform. Founded in 2017, Springbig is the technology provider of choice for many leading retailers and brands across North America.

Partnered with household names such as Weedmaps, Flowhub, and Shopify, Springbig offers a comprehensive suite of category-leading solutions to help increase customer retention, build customer loyalty, and promote brand awareness. Springbig’s offerings range from digital communications, text, and email messaging to industry-leading reporting and analytics.

Really nerd-driven stuff- I love this technology-driven approach to our plant.

Springbig recently launched its first artificial intelligence feature, Brands Marketplace. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the Brands Marketplace analyzes customers’ shopping habits and identifies patterns in their behavior, preferences, and demographics. Retailers can utilize the trends identified by the Brands Marketplace to make better-informed decisions regarding the brands that will be offered in their stores.

Regarding professional recognition, in 2022, Springbig was named an Inc’s Best Workplaces honoree and ranked 84th on Deloitte’s Fast 500 list. Jeff’s dedication and expertise have allowed retailers to see immediate and significant ROIs on their marketing initiatives. Billions of dollars in revenue have been created in more than half of the states in the country that now allow the medical or recreational use of the product. His knowledge and expertise in technology have allowed Springbig to become the powerhouse it is today.

Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about yourself. When did you first discover the plant? How old were you? Where are you from? Did you have stigmas surrounding the plant like I did?

Jeffrey Harris: I was born and raised in New York, and my youth was during the 70s, so there was a common stigma around the plant during the time I was growing up… I first encountered the plant when we pivoted to the industry in early 2017.

WB: Please tell me about your success at Springbig. Does it surprise you? What is your educational background? What do your peers think?

JH: I am constantly humbled by our success at Springbig, but I wouldn’t say surprised! We have built a spectacular team here at Springbig! I attended Yeshiva University in Manhattan. My peers were all surprised when they found out we were making a pivot into the cannabis industry, but now they are all impressed!

WB: What are your six and twelve-month goals? What obstacles do you face? How do you anticipate removing them?

JH: Right now, we are focused on releasing some very cool new features that will boost both our revenue and our retailers and brand’s revenue. For example, we just released two new AI features, the Brands Marketplace, and AI Assistant Tool, in order to increase retention, boost revenue, and build customer loyalty.

The obstacles we are facing right now are the stock market not performing as well as we had hoped, given the state of the economy. We are hoping that with time and more people finding out about our performance despite the economy, we will overcome these challenges.

WB: Do you ever think about teaching your formula for success in the cannabis business? Do you have a mentor? If so, who? Why?

JH: I am always open to talking to people who are looking to start out in the industry or seeking advice! I have many peers, friends, and colleagues that I seek advice from. I always love to get different perspectives from different people.

WB: What is your passion? Do you have a favorite food? What is it? Made by whom?

JH: I love spending time with my family and enjoy golf as well. My favorite food will have to be pizza and I enjoy it the most when in Italy!

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Five Crisp Questions with Jeffrey Harris-CEO and Founder-Springbig


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