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give customers a far-out father’s day

Some old guy from your dad’s vinyl collection once sang “the times they are a’changin,” and when it comes to cannabis, they couldn’t be more right! With the legalization movement reshaping the way society treats cannabis consumers, your pops might finally be able to enjoy some of that Jazz Cabbage he’s always been a fan of, whether you knew it or not. So what better Fathers Day Gift than some of the ol’ Groovy Grass from their disco days? We at springbig wanted to give you some fun gift ideas for the best beatnik you know!

In honor of Father’s Day, we are going to gift you some awesome doobie-related dad jokes. Ready? WARNING: You might need your reading glasses- the punch-lines are in the fine print!


data on pro-cannabis dads

Some research actually shows that middle-aged Americans are now actually more likely to use cannabis than their teenage children! Back in 2014, for the first time since 2002, people between the ages of 34-44 years old were using cannabis regularly more than teens.

But wait, (all the dads will finish it) there’s more! According to other recent data, cannabis use in Americans aged 50 and older has been increasing over the past several years. In fact, data suggests that cannabis use between 2006 and 2013 by this age group actually increased more than 70%, proving that even the Baby Boomers can hang with the whippersnappers.

  • The use of marijuana in ages 55-64 reportedly increased by 455% since 2002.
  • Monthly marijuana use by seniors age 65 and older have also increased by 333% since 2002.


Meanwhile, the average age of men becoming new fathers in the U.S. was last reported at approximately 30.9 years old. Needless to say, there are plenty of dads of all ages out there who would be grateful for a chance to score some exclusive deals on their favorite strain of Silly Spinach for their special weekend.

Running some Father’s Day promotions this weekend would be an easy win for most dispensaries, and it is even easier with springbig’s text marketing software. Show your dad customers you appreciate them by hooking them up some extra loyalty rewards points on each purchase or send out a special sale for every customer who stops in between now and Father’s Day.

suggestions for father’s day deals

He already has a “World’s Best Dad” t-shirt, and coffee mug, and a fishing hat, and a beer cozy (we get it). So what exactly do you get the man who already has everything?

Mr president-1We at springbig recommend dispensaries make him a couple of offers that will surely bring him into your shop looking to spend some of those hard-earned dad dollars. Here are some ideas for SMS marketing campaigns to let the papas who visit your dispensary know that they are your best buds!

sales and promos

  • “Take Dad back to the good ol’ days with some OG Kush- he’ll learn for himself how times have changed! Come on in to [business name] this weekend for extra loyalty points with every purchase.”
  • “Pops never smoked? Show him what he’s been missing all these years with our 10% Sour Diesel special all the way up until Sunday!”
  • “Find a quiet moment to spark up a joint and delve into the world of stoned DMCs (deep meaningful conversations)”
  • “Buy him one of the half-price vape pens so he can play it cool at the country club, but still take a couple rips on the links- for his “arthritis” of course. Chances are his buddies are already using cannabis, so a “gadget” to keep smoking simply will go a long way for their next round.”
  • “Get the Grandpa Special! Help grandpa keep up with the grandkids with some Granddaddy Purple, and we will throw in some hemp comfort balms to alleviate the muscles, joints (yes dad, a pun) and headaches the little rascals bring.”
  • “Bring your dad into the dispensary and spend over $30 for a free pre-roll.”
  • “Even if Dad isn’t quite ready to get high, give him a taste with 20% off CBD products.”

delivery offers

Another way to leverage your SMS message marketing this Father’s Day would be to offer free delivery for your online orders! Send out a mass text to your dispensary rewards members letting them know that all day on Father’s Day you are picking up the tab on deliveries, so the man of the house can run that grill or watch the game without having to leave his la-z-boy recliner.

Helping dad hot-box the man cave is a good way to make sure you’re the favorite, and for your dispensary, this means utilizing your customer relationship management tools to build on that loyalty. Let our cannabis rewards software help you create meaningful connections with your audience that you can leverage to drive traffic and boost revenue.

And if you’re ready to learn more about how springbig can enhance your dispensary text marketing, sign up for a demo today!


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