Customer Loyalty Platform For The Cannabis Industry

Tune in to this episode to learn more about customer loyalty platforms for the cannabis industry with Jeffrey Harris, CEO, and Founder of Springbig. Today, we learn about an innovator in loyalty marketing technology, who recently announced that it reached a five million customer milestone, establishing the company as one of the fastest-growing cannatech companies in the cannabis industry. Springbig has partnerships with some of the leading POS providers in the cannabis space, including Flowhub, Cova, MJ Freeway, Treez, and Greenbits. They have worked alongside retailers to send over 50,000 campaigns by way of over 90,000,000 text messages and have seen close to 600,000 rewards redeemed in return.

Springbig’s dedication and expertise have allowed retailers to see immediate and significant ROIs on their marketing initiatives. Billions of dollars in revenues have been created in more than half of the states in the country that now allow the medical or recreational use of the product. Growers, dispensaries, distributors, and a whole host of other indirect companies have benefited from the legal marijuana trend. Springbig uses SMS, loyalty marketing, and other tools to encourage repeat business for cannabis retailers. Prior to Spingbig, Harris founded a loyalty marketing company (Inte Q) that focused on developing and managing data-driven programs for large retail and financial services firms.



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