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Cannabis News: New Jersey

As of April 2022, marijuana is available for sale in New Jersey for those 21 and over. Customers can buy up to an ounce of recreational cannabis, while medicinal cannabis is capped at three ounces every 30 days. (However, it’s still illegal to grow your own.)

Acceptance of cannabis is growing in the state, and government officials look forward to awarding more licenses to NJ dispensaries – and to the increased revenue from cannabis taxes.

Medical and Recreational Dispensaries

Fortunately for marijuana consumers, both medicinal and recreational cannabis are legal in New Jersey. In many states where cannabis is now legal, medical marijuana was decriminalized first. 2010 was the year when New Jersey’s Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act was passed. Now, most New Jersey dispensaries hold both recreational marijuana and medicinal cannabis licenses.

How to Find a New Jersey Dispensary

There’s a great tool useful for researching recreational cannabis and medicinal cannabis dispensaries in the state. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission operates a map-based site where users can find NJ dispensary locations. The site features lists of various types of cannabis businesses such as alternative treatment centers with a delivery option. In addition, there’s info about recent advisories and recalls, links with safe consumption advice, and news about recently opened cannabis businesses.

If you’re in the cannabis industry, the site is especially useful because you can easily see which areas of New Jersey are underserved by marijuana businesses. A helpful list of New Jersey dispensaries by county shows that Camden has the most, while Passaic is tied with four other counties for having the smallest number of cannabis businesses. For the latest New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission news, you can check their Twitter. Facebook, or Instagram pages.

Medical Marijuana Patients in New Jersey

Those who consume cannabis for its therapeutic benefits will want to bookmark the agency homepage for the state’s medicinal cannabis program. The site lists different conditions that can be treated by medical marijuana, as well as a guide to becoming a medical marijuana patient in New Jersey. There are also links to current regulations, registrations for new patients, and resources for finding a cannabis-friendly medical professional. Interestingly, the site lists resources for out-of-state patients, who can register for a six-month temporary medicinal marijuana card while spending time in New Jersey. (Of course, these patients are subject to the same consumption laws as New Jersey residents.)

The medical marijuana program website is updated with the latest information on allowable marijuana purchase limits.

Spotlight on Montclair: New Jersey’s New “Marijuana Capital”

Located in northeast New Jersey, Montclair has long been a diverse, well-heeled suburb for professionals who work in Manhattan. It is also becoming the state capital of marijuana. With five licenses including one for cultivation, the town now has the maximum amount of allowable licenses, but a councilor expects this number to increase. For now, the licenses are in local hands – one license owner used to operate a historic local jazz club.

New Locations for Jersey Dispensaries

New Jersey’s cannabis industry receives a positive boost as additional dispensaries continue to open, providing a promising outlook. Some of the latest developments are taking place in Central and South Jersey, where a woman-owned facility for medical marijuana patients will soon open. In addition, New Jersey’s first non-conversion, recreational dispensary is set to open its doors in Woodbury. Anticipating lots of customer interest, the New Jersey dispensary will operate with extended hours. New Brunswick’s first dispensary just opened. The shop, which isn’t too far from Rutgers University, sells only recreational cannabis, which is unique for the state.

Underserved Areas of New Jersey

Not all local municipalities are equally open to the promise of the cannabis industry. The Jersey Shore, save Atlantic City, seems to be offering some resistance; there is essentially only one dispensary in the popular tourist area. This comes as a surprise, as the majority of New Jersey voters are pro-legalization, and cannabis sales are exploding. However, there are plans for a 10,000-square-foot New Jersey dispensary and lounge, which will be housed in a beachfront hotel and casino on the Atlantic City boardwalk. Once recreational cannabis gains a foothold, new dispensaries are bound to follow.

News for Home Growers

This item comes courtesy of, an easy-to-navigate portal that is constantly updated with the latest New Jersey cannabis news. Although cannabis legalization has thus far not enabled New Jersey residents to grow their own cannabis flower, there is a movement towards this end. One cannabis advocate claims that the president of the New Jersey Senate is leaning towards approving a limited medicinal home-growing measure. The official is apparently just waiting to see how the recreational cannabis market fares. For home growers, there are two separate bills to watch: Senate Bill S342 and Assembly Bill A997. One recent poll shows 63 percent of New Jerseyans approving of home cultivation, be it for medical patients or recreational marijuana.

Cannabis: A Growing Industry in New Jersey

The Garden State is blossoming with new dispensaries and cannabis products. With broadening consumer acceptance and increased distribution of licenses, the cannabis industry is poised to grow even more in the near future. Helpful state resources make it easy to research which New Jersey municipalities lack enough cannabis businesses. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the exciting New Jersey dispensary landscape, contact springbig to plant yourself in the center of this thriving market.

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