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Increase Sales and Boost Revenue for Your Dispensary

Whenever a customer walks into your dispensary or is shopping online you want them to buy as much as they possibly can because, obviously, the more they buy the more you make.

On the customer side, whenever they walk into your dispensary or are ordering cannabis products online they are looking to get the products that they want and make the most of their money.

While these goals may not seem compatible at first, the dispensary-customer relationship can actually be mutually beneficial. But how? If you’re looking to increase customer spending, you need to up-sell your customer, that is, you need to convince them that it is worth their money to buy more products or buy the more expensive product.

So, how do you convince them? When convincing them all you need to do is show them the added benefit of spending more, you need to communicate the value of the upsell in as clear terms as possible.

This is why upselling by bringing the customer additional value is key to making the process beneficial for both the dispensary and the customer. This way, both sides benefit.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the ways in which you can upsell your customers by bringing real value to their purchase and making the extra money that they’re spending worth it to them. In this, we’ll talk about educating your customers, understanding market trends, and more.

So, let’s jump right into the 7 tips that will help you upsell your customers and increase revenues at your dispensary.

Make the process a conversion

The most important thing in upselling your customers is ensuring that that is only a side goal and that the main goal of the interaction is to bring value to the customer and help them meet their needs with quality customer service.

In this, it is important to make them feel comfortable. If they’re comfortable, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say and take your advice later on when you tell them that it would be more economical in the long run to buy the ounce now instead of the eighth.

Educate your customers

Sometimes all it takes for your customers to make bigger or more expensive purchases is for you to educate them. Especially in the cannabis industry, there is a lot to know, and some customers may not be well versed.

For example, simply explaining that it is less expensive to buy an ounce rather than an eighth may be all it takes to make a $40 dollar purchase into a $275 dollar purchase. Maybe all it takes for your customer to purchase the more expensive strand is for you to explain to them the benefits it poses as it relates to their specific conditions.

Leverage deals

Another great way for you to upsell your customers and bring them value is by leveraging deals. Whether it’s a free joint with the purchase of a quarter or more, or whether it’s a free piece of merch with a purchase over $50 dollars, leveraging deals is a must.

Not only do you have to leverage these deals, but you also need to make sure your customers are aware of them. While a customer in the store might see the sign you’ve hung up, if you really want to increase customer spend and overall traffic then you need to let them know before they come in. This is why communicating with customers via text message or email is a must.

Understand trends and leverage them

Sometimes all it takes in order to upsell a customer is to know what products they might be interested in before they even begin to talk to you.

In this, paying attention to trends is crucial. For example, during COVID customers were buying more flower in bulk, likely in order to decrease the number of times they have to visit.

If you understand this trend, then you can do things such as put deals on bulk flower, which could increase traffic and increase the likelihood of customers purchasing other products while they’re there taking advantage of the deal on bulk flower.

Understand each specific customer

Understanding individual customers is just as important as understanding broad trends, but it presents some challenges as collecting customers data comes with complications and regulations.

But, if you’re able to successfully store customer data (keep reading to see how springbig can help with this) then you can use this data in order to more effectively target your marketing efforts. For example, if you know that a customer frequently buys flower, then sending them a voucher for 15% of their next purchase of a quarter or more might be more effective than giving them a discount on concentrates.

Make your customers feel special

People love to spend money, especially when they are being helped by things other people don’t have such as special deals exclusively for loyalty members.

This is why having a loyalty program is so important. It enables you to make your customer feel special and bring them value with special deals in rewards, which translates to increased customer spend.

Product look and location

Oftentimes, you don’t even have to do anything in order to sell your products. If done right, your products can sell themselves.

For example, if you know that customers at your dispensary tend to buy concentrates over flower, then simply making your concentrates central in your dispensary could increase your sales overall.

On top of this, they way in which you display your products has a big impact as well. If your display isn’t visually appealing, then customers will likely not be attracted to that section of your store. On the other hand, if you’ve got a pyramid of flower containers next to a sign that says “10% off flower all day today only,” then customers are more likely to gravitate towards that and buy flower.

Making them feel special requires a way to contact them and keep them in the loop at your dispensary. Luckily, springbig has a suite of marketing and CRM tools that can help with all of this and more.

When it comes to understanding your customers and making them feel special, springbig’s loyalty rewards platform can help you do both. A loyalty program is the perfect way to give your customers that VIP feel while also collecting data about their personal interests and purchasing habits. This not only allows them to be rewarded for their loyalty, but it also allows you to more accurately target your marketing efforts.

Not only this, but springbig is also a huge proponent of text message marketing which can help you let your loyalty members know when there are can’t-miss deals happening at your dispensary. Not only that, but you can also use text messages as a way to educate your customers, or just to simply let them know that you appreciate them.

This is just some of the ways that springbig can help you meet all of your dispensary’s needs. Click here to learn how else springbig can help you meet your dispensary’s goals.

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