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Screens are a staple of the twenty-first century. Whether it is the big screen TV in your living room, or the little screen tucked into your pocket, our lives are filled with devices that give us access to a wealth of information and entertainment. But for businesses, screens offer a unique opportunity for creative digital signage that transcends the constraints of printed posters, menus, and billboards.

As the cannabis industry continues to take the twenty-first century by storm, we’re seeing even more opportunities for utilizing digital signage to enhance the consumer experience. Not only do screens in your store elevate the interior aesthetic of a cannabis business, but they also keep your clientele informed and engaged.

Often retailers focus on using their screens to show off their menu. However, for cannabis retailers with a dispensary loyalty program or text message marketing program, digital signage is another chance to engage those customers and draw more attention to these programs.

So how can you use digital signage in your dispensary to increase customer satisfaction and drive more sales?

1) increase your dispensary’s SMS marketing subscriber list

Text message marketing is one of the best resources available to your dispensary for staying connected with your customers. Why? Well, it allows you to communicate directly with your customers in the only forum with a 99% open rate. So, if you promote your text marketing program through digital signage in your dispensary, you increase visibility, which can translate into more enrollments into your texting program and greater engagement, click-through rate, and sales conversion.

If you’re using screens in your store, make sure you are letting customers know they can enroll in your texting program to hear about sales, new products, and much more. And of course, with the springbig platform, you can combine the power of text marketing with loyalty.

2) inspire more customer loyalty

Having digital signage can be huge for dispensaries that have a cannabis rewards program. Just asking people if they want to give you a phone number at check-out isn’t going to be nearly as effective at boosting enrollment. However, decorating your high-traffic areas with digital signage allows you to really showcase all the exciting opportunities and exclusive offers available to members of your dispensary’s loyalty program.

Want to catch a customer’s eye while they are in line? Make a playlist using high-quality images of the strains, cartridges, edibles, or brand merch you have available to those who earn enough points. For current members, this might inspire them to spend a little more. Or you might just inspire someone who isn’t enrolled to sign up so they can get that cool reward they’ve got their eye on.

There are a variety of paths toward enrollment that can be used on your digital signage. If they aren’t in your dispensary loyalty program, give them a text-to-join code or an on-screen QR code they can scan to start the enrollment process!

Your customers are highly likely to look at a screen while they are in your shop. Either it will be the ones you’re using to build more connections and engagement, or it will be the little one in their pocket. By leveraging digital displays for text message marketing and loyalty, you can make sure your brand is on both!

3) promote deals and specials

Being frugal will never go out of fashion, and when people walk into your dispensary a lot of them are going to be looking for deals and promotions. Especially members of a dispensary rewards program who have come to expect at least one product that they can get by using their loyalty points. Digital signage in your dispensary is an easy way to advertise specials and discounts. Not to mention the use of high-quality images of products on special is instrumental in converting into sales.

4) announce new products

Use digital signage to highlight new products you’ve added to your dispensary’s inventory?. Digital signage gives you the opportunity to raise awareness of new items and even educate customers on product details that might influence them into trying something new. Got a new strain you want to announce? Put it on a screen in a high-traffic area of your store, increasing visibility.

Some digital signage companies even offer integration with your dispensary POS software, allow you to set up playlists for new products and promotions.

5) attract customers to social media

Social media is another essential frontier of digital marketing in the twenty-first century. Even though most social media platforms still have strict rules about cannabis ads, the brand recognition you gain from having an active social media presence is still crucial. So merging your social media activity with your digital signage is excellent for attracting new and existing customers to interact with your brand on social media.

By using those screens in your dispensary to feature your most popular social content, you are sure to see a spike in interactions on your branded social accounts. You could even create some buzz around your brand by putting a message on the screen to take a selfie in your store with a unique hashtag to get a special discount!

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