cannabis CRM

1. treat your best the best

Rewarding your highest spenders is the best way to increase customer loyalty. Identifying and acknowledging these customers is a foolproof way to keep them happy and return often. This is extremely important because repeat customers are the foundation of any successful business including a cannabis business. According to Adobe, the top 10% of your customer base spends 3x more per order than your average customer while the top 1% spends 5x more per order. They are also 50% more likely to return and generate more revenue per visit. springbig’s dispensary loyalty software is designed to reward these VIPs proportionately to their spending habits as opposed to just visit frequency which rewards both low and high spenders equally. For the retail cannabis industry, a visits-based system is actually toxic to the ROI because unlike a traditional retail business like a coffee shop, for example, the majority of customers spend the same on each visit.

2. add levels to your cannabis loyalty program

The best loyalty programs have a tiered structure that rewards customers for reaching certain milestones. Cannabis rewards programs should be no different and creating tiers based on dollars spent is an easy way to incentivize bigger purchases. In order to give all of your customers an opportunity to participate in your dispensary loyalty program springbig allows you to create completely customize the milestones and levels in your loyalty program. This rewards everyone, even low spenders, for their business but still encourage people to reach for the highest tier. Springbig’s autoconnects will also immediately acknowledge customers once they’ve reached a milestone.

3. maintain ongoing engagement with SMS marketing

Loyalty programs will only be effective if members are kept in the loop on your promotions and rewards offerings. There are many channels available to accomplish this such as push notifications, text marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing just to name a few. But because cannabis retailers are subject to far stricter marketing regulations than most other business not every one of those marketing channels are right for a marijuana dispensary marketing.

Springbig’s digital communications software enables dispensary’s to easily create custom cannabis marketing campaigns to drive your promotions in front of your customers.

Traditional paid advertising is pretty much prohibited on most social media with Facebook only loosening its restrictions at the end of 2018. Push notifications may seem effective on the surface but besides the cost of creating and maintaining a dedicated app, customers don’t actually respond well to notifications and most often ignore them entirely.

4. Leverage your POS data with a CRM

Cannabis CRM software needs to extend the uniquely personal user experience customers receive from a dispensary and budtenders directly into their phone.

In the era of big data, just keeping in contact with customers is not enough to build relationships, you must be able to leverage customer data in your POS and CRM system in order to gain insights into your customer’s preferences and show them you understand their wants. Combine the insights provided by springbig’s real-time analytics with your budtenders and sales team’s knowledge of your inventory to craft personalized text messages that are targeted towards specific customer interests and segments within your springbig dashboard.

5. add a personal touch

What customers want to see most from loyalty communications are promotions that are personalized to their interests and brand preferences.  Marijuana text loyalty program members expect to be shown to more than just the usual promotional material sent out through mass email marketing or text blasting campaigns. People don’t want to give out their phone number just to receive the same generic messages they could have seen on your website without giving out any personal information.

Your budtenders are an important factor when trying to push your customers towards new products is your budtenders. There is a reason they’re are called budtenders and not budvendors. They are truly supposed to tend to the needs of the customer at a more personal level than most retail locations. They should even attempt to “tend” to preferences the consumer didn’t even know they had. Just like the wide range of cannabis products, cannabis consumers have a wide range of effects on each individual person. And every person is different in terms of the desired effect they are seeking from cannabis consumption. In order to order to increase customer loyalty consider sending surveys to track the trends in products sold by certain budtenders so they can assist in crafting personalized messages towards the customer segments, they have the most knowledge of.

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