How to Leverage Springbig for Regulated Industries
How to Leverage Springbig for Regulated Industries

Springbig streamlines digital marketing in regulated sectors. Integrate email, SMS, and loyalty seamlessly. Utilize advanced tools to navigate regulations and boost engagement, making Springbig your ultimate digital marketing partner.

Email Engine
Email Marketing For Cannabis and CBD Brands

Email Marketing Solutions Specific to the Cannabis Industry As the cannabis industry continues to mature, so does its customer base. An increasing number of older adults are using cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, making

springbig is More than texting
Cannabis Loyalty Programs: Reward Your Regulars

In the crowded cannabis retail space, dispensaries need effective marketing solutions to increase customer retention and build brand loyalty. The most effective way for any new business, including a marijuana dispensary, to do this is

CBD oil
Innovative CBD marketing strategies for 2022

Before diving into CBD marketing, let’s explore a little bit about what CBD is and then how we can effectively set up targeted CBD marketing campaigns and ensure your marketing budget is getting the attention