4 States Voting on Cannabis Legalization in 2024

Over the past decade, several states have embraced both recreational and medical cannabis, significantly shifting the landscape of legal cannabis in the United States. This year, there is a major focus on four states who

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How 4/20 became the cannabis industry’s biggest day Many retail dispensaries lean on loyalty programs to get customers coming back after the banner day. By Andrew Adam Newman Source: Retail Brew April 19, 2024 Like

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Hint of G...

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As the flickering candles of Chanukah illuminate the winter nights, there’s a multitude of customer engagement strategies that can light up your business during this festive season. Chanukah is not just a celebration of lights;

How o leverage Springbig to help boost your dispensaries sales.
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Dive into the modern cannabis landscape: from digital marketing strategies for dispensaries to leveraging social media and maximizing e-commerce. Discover how to connect authentically and boost sales.

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Boo-st Your Brand: Halloween Marketing Tips

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Springbig x Marijuana Software
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Best of both worlds: Springbig's loyalty program meets Marijuana Software's POS. Achieve efficient operations, tailored marketing, and enhanced customer loyalty in cannabis. Elevate ROI and stand out in the competitive market.

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Explore how Springbig's Subscription Loyalty Service is revolutionizing Oasis Cannabis's retail experience, driving customer engagement, loyalty, and business growth in the expanding cannabis industry.

Cannabis News: New Jersey | New Jersey state with a cannabis plant overlayed on top
Cannabis News: New Jersey

Explore New Jersey's evolving cannabis landscape: legal sales, rising acceptance, and a surge in dispensary licenses. Our comprehensive guide covers finding dispensaries, understanding regulations, and recognizing market opportunities in this burgeoning industry.

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