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How to Keep a Cannabis Customer For Life

turning transactions into long-term relationships Sure, not everyone experiences love at first sight. But your mission as a business owner is to try charming every customer into a long-term relationship with your store. So what

Cannabis Retailers Have To Change Their Approach I...

This article was originally published by Yahoo! Finance By Jeffrey Harris, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, springbig. Financial predictions about the cannabis market have been exciting analysts for some time as marijuana becomes more mainstream.

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Blunt Business Talks with springbig CEO about Bein...

As always, springbig is happy to talk about all the unique elements of our cannabis marketing platform that make us the leading Cannabis CRM, Loyalty, and Communications software designed specifically for the needs of cannabis

3 Best Ways to Improve Your Cannabis Dispensary...

Websites are a window into your dispensary  Here’s a fact: It’s 2019. Another fact: the internet dictates a lot of what goes on in and around our lives. Whether it be Amazon or Instagram, the

7 Data Points Every Dispensary Needs in a Cannabis...

defining ‘data points’ For some people, a “data point” might sound like some abstract variable in a complex algorithm that only mac-geniuses and millennials understand. But the truth is, a “data point” is simply a

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This 4th of July Celebrate Freedom with Cannabis T...

life, liberty, and the pursuit of cannabis Freedom is the dream that America was built for. From signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776, to signing new legislation today for cannabis legalization across a growing

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How to Use Customer Journey Mapping in the Cannabi...

Get a life with the leading cannabis CRM For the uninitiated, customer journey marketing may seem like a very abstract concept. How are you supposed to keep track of each individual customer’s history with your

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Why is Text Message Marketing so Important for Dis...

text message marketing in the marijuana business Despite there being many unanswered questions about the future of the cannabis industry, there are two things we can be certain of: First– the cannabis business is only

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Doobies for Dads: How to Use Cannabis Text Marketi...

give customers a far-out father’s day Some old guy from your dad’s vinyl collection once sang “the times they are a’changin,” and when it comes to cannabis, they couldn’t be more right! With the legalization

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successful e-commerce and delivery with springbig Part of the beauty of the 21st century is that technology places any purchase we want to make at the tips of our touch screens. The internet gifted us