How to Target Baby Boomer Cannabis Customers

Text message marketing can be a powerful tool in your dispensary marketing strategy if used correctly, but a waste of money and, more importantly, the customer’s time if it is not correctly executed. In line

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CEO Jeffrey Harris joins the Renegade Thinkers Uni...

Jeffrey Harris joined DrewNeisser on the Renegade Thinkers Unite podcast to discuss how to market effectively in a growing industry! Learn about the cannabis tech industry, how to earn customer loyalty, and more.

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Customer Loyalty: The Gift That Keeps Giving

In order to succeed in the ever-growing cannabis industry, you have to take a long hard look inward at your own customer base. Are there new faces coming in to never return again? Do you

Green Market Report Executive Spotlight on CEO Jef...

This article was originally published by The Green Market Report Jeffrey Harris is the Founder and CEO of springbig, a customer loyalty platform for the cannabis industry. springbig uses SMS, loyalty marketing, and other tools to

Timing Your Dispensary SMS Marketing Campaigns

They say that knowing is half the battle, right? That understanding how to take action is just as important as taking action. The same is true in the cannabis industry when it comes to dispensary

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Dispensary Customer Persona Segmentation

Increase Campaign Conversion with Targeted Ads Think of segmentation as the difference between a door-to-door salesman and a private consultation. One tries to sell random products to anyone brave or bored enough to answer the

Marketing Your Dispensary Like a Pro

‘Tis the Season Football season is almost upon us, and with that usually comes a number of consequent events that signal kickoff is just around the corner. Days are getting shorter, sweaters are becoming less

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4 Marketing Strategies for Your Dispensary This La...

Labor Day weekend is here and while it may not seem like it would be such a big deal for cannabis consumers, the statistics say otherwise. Labor Day weekend is the third biggest cannabis sales

Binge-Marketing: 4 Steps for Using TV Interests in...

We are a generation that witnessed the end of the Blockbuster rental era, and the rise of the streaming service. Now we consume entertainment like it’s going out of style. Whether it is escaping to

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5 Best Ways to Promote Your Dispensary Loyalty Pro...

stand out from the competition A dispensary loyalty program is a must-have in today’s cannabis retail market in order to retain a strong customer base. Gone are the days when people would shop at your