your friends at Group Texting know how important it is for you to stay connected with your customers, which is why they are referring you to the leading text marketing company designed exclusively for the cannabis industry

why springbig?

not only does Group Texting know that springbig has the innovative platform and resources to make sure your marketing communications are getting delivered, but we’re also working together to make the process of switching platforms incredibly easy for you!

oh yea, and did we mention we are also integrated with the leading POS and e-commerce providers in the cannabis space? Plus, springbig was designed by dispensaries for dispensaries, so we offer an extensive catalog of features and partnerships that will help you:

  • establish meaningful relationships with your highest-spending customers
  • create a comprehensive 360-view of your customers
  • build stronger relationships with the industry’s leading brands
  • enhance customer lifetime value
  • retain existing customers and acquire new customers
  • AI automated segmentation engine based on cannabis industry best practices

ready to make the switch?

at springbig we like to make things easy! we are ready to seamlessly transfer your contact lists and train your staff on how to utilize our amazing platform, and you will be given a dedicated client success manager to help you and your team make the most out of every experience. To get started click the request a demo button below.

still have Group Texting credits
you want to use?

no problem! any pre-purchased credits you have with Group Texting will be rolled over into your springbig account, so you can get what you aleady paid for!

we don’t take it lightly that Group Texting is trusting us to meet your needs, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have!

ready to learn more?

ready to learn more?

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increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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