WM store integration

why WM Store?

WM Store brings the power of the Weedmaps to any retailer’s website with beautiful, customizable menus that look and feel like your brand. With an easy-to-use fulfillment platform, the WM Store embeddable menu is the easiest way to ensure customers always have a seamless end-to-end order experience when they browse or purchase products directly from your own website

  • more than 4 million orders have been placed through weedmaps

how it works

add a simple line of code to start receiving delivery and pick-up orders placed right from your website. Easily manage your Weedmaps listing menu and WM Store menu from one place with a centralized fulfillment center that helps staff receive, process, and fulfill orders faster

unifying your online and in-store experience

WM Store and springbig have combined forces to offer a seamless integration that provides a frictionless experience for your customers from the digital world to the physical world, allowing them to access their own loyalty rewards profile to earn and redeem points and offers through online purchases. this springbig and WM Store integration provides online customer acquisition through opt-ins into loyalty and text marketing, while collecting essential data for creating a single 360-degree view of each customer to curate their retail experience across channels.

increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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