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7/10 Dab Day

Almost everyone, whether they use cannabis products or not, knows about the famous day dedicated to cannabis: April 20th (4/20). But have you heard of 7/10? That’s right, another day dedicated to cannabis, but this time specifically dedicated to cannabis concentrates. These have many different names including oil, shatter, crumble, honeycomb, and budder. But before we go into any more detail, let’s talk about how 7/10 came about and why you should be excited as a cannabis dispensary. If you read our article last year about 7/10, you may already be familiar with it, but for those of you who haven’t yet, let’s talk a little more before we get into how you can take advantage of it as a dispensary this year.

What is 7/10?

7/10 is a cannabis holiday dedicated to cannabis concentrates, but where did it come from and why on July 10th? Well, the timing of it is pretty self-explanatory. Flip the date upside down. What does it spell? OIL! Yep, somebody out there said, “hey, that looks like OIL upside down,” and established a cannabis holiday, possibly without even meaning to.

If you’re new to the cannabis community, you may even be wondering, “what is dabbing?” Typically when using cannabis concentrates they are consumed via the process of dabbing, which is where you use a “dab rig”, to vaporize the concentrate. This process has grown in popularity mainly because of its quick effects. Cannabis concentrates can be over four times as potent as top-shelf flower, with levels reaching 80 and even 90 percent THC. Compare this to typical top-shelf flower that has THC levels averaging around 20%, and you’re talking about a huge increase in effects.

While its potency is undeniable, who’s to say that customers will even be celebrating the holiday? Let’s just look at the numbers to answer that question.

7/10 by the numbers

Just because somebody somewhere realized that 7/10 was OIL upside down doesn’t mean that the cannabis community far and wide will celebrate the phantom holiday, right? Well if that was true, the same could be said for 4/20 whose origins are a mystery to the cannabis community. This year, 4/20 put up some impressive numbers according to Headset, with cannabis sales increasing 128% on April 20th compared to the previous four Sundays. If a holiday like 4/20 can produce numbers like that, who’s today that 7/10 can’t do the same? While it may not be as big as 4/20 yet, 7/10 has already put up some insanely impressive numbers. Before we look at those, let’s look at how popular concentrates have become as a whole.

Concentrates are a staple product of any dispensary in today’s market, with demand for them rising constantly it seems like consumers just can’t get enough. According to BDS Analytics, in 2018 concentrate sales overtook sales of dry flower in California making up 37% of all sales compared to 32%. What’s more is that this trend is predicted to continue and concentrate sales are predicted to pass flower and hit 8 billion in sales by 2022 according to BDS Analytics.

Clearly, more and more consumers are beginning to enjoy concentrates. And who can blame them? Concentrate vape pens are convenient as they can easily be concealed and require no preparation time. On top of this, concentrates don’t have nearly as strong of a smell as flower so they can usually be consumed inside without smelling up your whole house. And if it wasn’t good enough yet, they’re much stronger as we mentioned earlier, reaching over 90% THC. With all of this in mind, let’s see how concentrate sales performed on 7/10.

Last year, 7/10 did wonders, boosting numbers for cannabis concentrate sales across the entire United States. Let’s just look at the numbers:

According to Headset…

  • Total cannabis sales increased by 10%
  • Concentrate purchases increased by 49%
  • Vape pen sales increased by 36%

These numbers are especially impressive considering that they take into account the entire US. Where Cannabis has been legal the longest such as in Colorado and Washington, sales increased 78% and 100% respectively, showing that the holiday has the potential to double sales, just like 4/20 has shown it can do.

So how can your dispensary take full advantage of the 7/10 festivities?

Making the most of 7/10

Springbig’s CRM software can help you and your dispensary make the most of the madness by giving you the tools to communicate with your customers effectively all while having access to personalized data that helps your track just how effective your marketing is. Being able to reach out to customers via text at any moment helps your dispensary take advantage of all the moments that matter, including 7/10.

Last year, Springbig helped its clients big time as they sent 189% more messages in honor of Dab Day. These texts helped our clients increase visit rates by 26.18% which helped increase sales by 36.58% compared to the first Wednesday of the previous month.

On top of this, dispensaries using our software saw the average amount spent per visit increase by over 30% which only speaks to the power of the campaigns sent through text to their customers that are a part of their dispensary loyalty rewards programs. Even more exciting, last year on 7/10, dispensaries using Springbig’s CRM software saw sales skyrocket to 5.74 million that day, that’s an increase of over 1.5 million compared to the previous day.

While memorial day weekend is a big target for dispensaries and all businesses across the US, 7/10 gives dispensaries an extra opportunity to keep the festivities going and the good grass blowing by giving the cannabis community another thing to celebrate: cannabis concentrates.Are you going to be getting in on the fun, making money off of it, or both? Whatever you do, if you’re a dispensary you won’t want to leave your customers out of the festivities. With our CRM software, you can let them know about all the deals you’ll be having for Dab Day. Haven’t used Springbig’s software yet? Sign up for a demo today!

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