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Springbig and Kind+

Let’s take a deep dive into using loyalty programs developed by springbig combined with subscription services from Kind+. These two industry leading services create a unique synergy for creating long lasting customer retention, helping to improve cannabis basket sizes and ensure repeat visits and purchases.

Cannabis retailers who are looking for ways to improve their customer loyalty and retention rates should consider implementing loyalty programs as well as subscription programs.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into how we can achieve this for both cannabis retailers and brands. Beginning with loyalty programs, what they are, and how you can use them to incentivize your customers into becoming lifetime loyal customers.

What are Cannabis Loyalty Programs?

Dispensary loyalty programs offer customers rewards for their loyalty and can be used to incentivize customers to visit your store more frequently and spend more money. Loyalty program points can be rewarded by retailers for consumers spending a certain amount of dollars, visiting a certain amount of times, or shopping during a set period of business hours.

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to incentivize customers in the cannabis industry to visit your store more frequently and spend more money to acquire more reward points. By offering rewards for brand loyalty, customers are more likely to become repeat customers and drive revenue.

By enrolling consumers into a loyalty program, you can begin to understand their shopping habits by analyzing sales data. A cannabis business can use shopping habits to predict future purchases in order to turn customer visits into monthly boxes and subscriptions. Check out this blog to understand how to maximize your loyalty program!

Marketing Campaigns for your Cannabis Business

Loyalty programs are a great way to begin understanding your cannabis customers and strategize ways to deliver excellent customer service.

Springbigs text message and email marketing campaigns can deliver promotions and discounts to your cannabis customers on everything from THC to CBD products to smoking essentials and cannabis accessories, driving traffic to your website, your business and beyond.

With the massive expansion of CBD products disrupting other markets, you can expect an influx of new customer profiles entering the cannabis space.

Your cannabis store or site should be able to educate, advertise and convert interest into sales efficiently, by using marketing tactics and the SaaS platforms our companies provide.

How much do loyalty program members spend?

Consumers enrolled in a cannabis loyalty program on average spend an increased amount of 13% per basket!

By offering exclusive discounts and promotions to customers who join your loyalty program that is compliant with cannabis laws, you can begin to entrench your dispensary as their go to store.

Where is my customer data stored?

Springbig is committed to protecting the privacy of your customers’ data within your loyalty program. We are HIPAA and SOC2-compliant, which means that we have implemented industry-leading security measures to protect customer data. We understand the importance of keeping our customers’ loyalty program data safe and secure. Taking every precaution to ensure that their loyalty program data is protected.


Once consumers are enrolled into your system you can understand many different insights about their preferences, that you can act on. Marketing your daily deals can take a few clicks and entice your cannabis enthusiasts to reap the benefits of your promotions. You can create various tiers in your VIP program to incentivize customers to keep shopping with you exclusively.

By segmenting your campaigns based on the behavior of each customer persona in your list you can ensure higher conversion rates.

Data Analytics

If you have the tools to better understand your local customers, you can deliver benefits and relevant discounts to them appropriately. Discount shoppers are more likely to react to discounts on products as opposed to an advertisement on your highest quality, expensive product selection.

Dispensary owners can target these discount shoppers the effectively using tools from springbig and Kind+. Send them promotional messages on the discount brands they already frequent, ensuring your retail location is the place they purchase from.

Once you understand the specific demographics of your market, you can begin to segment your audiences and begin marketing your daily deals or best deals to VIP customers who are most likely to react to your prices, discounts, and promotions.

How can I guarantee that my customer loyalty program members are shopping exclusively with me?

So now that you have your VIP clients consistently purchasing products through your loyalty program? Hw can you entrench them even further to become repeat customers?

With a subscription service like Kind+.

What is a cannabis subscription service?

Kind+ is a vehicle for retailers to provide their customers the convenience of receiving a curated selection of products on a regular basis, which can help increase basket sizes and encourage repeat business.

A cannabis subscription service also helps the retailer gauge inventory, predict trends , and capitalize on these insights.

The best cannabis subscription services are ones filled with products consumers love. So evaluate your sales data and improve inventory on the products you offer.

Crafting your own Subscription Service With Kind+

By providing a weed subscription box you are really providing your customers convenience, ease of access, and recurring product favorites delivered at a discounted rate. Cannabis customers are incentivized to stay shopping with their current supplier for these reasons.

Cannabis subscription boxes are also a great way to introduce cannabis consumers to new products and help entrench them as loyal, repeat customers.

By receiving a curated selection of cannabis products on a regular basis in your marijuana subscription box, customers are more likely to try new products and become loyalty advocates for your brand.

Kind+ and a look at the numbers

  • Kind+ members spend 10% more on average versus the store’s systemwide AOV.
  • Kind+ members visit more often, up to 25% more times per month than a non-Kind+ customer.
  • 95% of surveyed Kind+ members consider the subscription cost to be a good value.

A word from Rishi Guatam, founder of Kind+

“The Kind+ partnership with springbig underscores our commitment to offering the most effective subscription-as-a-service solutions to the most innovative retailers in cannabis. Partnering with a forward-thinking solutions provider such as springbig has allowed us to bring this platform to new audiences and reach new heights. We are truly excited for cannabis retailers and their end consumers to benefit from all that Kind+ has to offer.”


When it comes to customer retention, loyalty programs and subscription services can be very effective tools. Cannabis retailers who are looking to benefit by improving their customer loyalty rates should consider implementing both. A well designed loyalty program, that converts occasional shoppers to entrenched loyal customers and a subscription service that keeps them shopping at your dispensary.

A a cannabis box filled with product favorites based on consumer choices, nurturing them to subscribe to the best cannabis subscription services available. Ones filled with marketing discounts, convenient benefits and marijuana products your customers already love.

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