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The COVID-19 pandemic has been anything but easy to deal with both for the individual and for businesses. Nearly every industry of business has been impacted, some worse than others, yet somehow these businesses have found ways to continue making things work despite the impact of the pandemic.

One of these industries that has been especially resilient to the impact of the pandemic is the cannabis industry. Customers have shown that even with the pandemic, they still want their cannabis. 

That being said, significant changes have taken place in the cannabis industry. Due to the pandemic, many customers have been opting to take advantage of e-commerce to purchase their cannabis and either choose to have it delivered or available for pick-up.

Because of this, and because of less traffic coming into the dispensary in general due to the pandemic, there is less in-person time with customers which makes it harder to communicate with them. 

So, how can businesses meet demands and communicate with customers while also adhering to the specific COVID guidelines for their respective states? Text message marketing. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at 5 ways text message marketing can help dispensaries in the post-COVID world. In this, we’ll be talking bout easing concerns about COVID, telling customers about delivery options, and sending out discounts to spur sales among other things. 

Ease your customer’s concerns about COVID

One of the biggest factors keeping customers from coming into your store is likely the fear of COVID or at least the uncertainty of how your dispensary is handling it. With this, because of COVID, many customers may assume that your dispensary is closed, especially if you were forced to shut down at some point during the pandemic.

While it seems simple, sending your customers a text letting them know that you’re open for business and that you’re taking the virus seriously by taking the proper precautions to make the shopping experience safe is a must.

Tell customers about delivery or pick-up options

Similar to customers being unaware of the fact that your dispensary is open and staying COVID-safe, customers may also be unaware that you have delivery or pick up options. 

Many customers, whether it’s because they have COVID, think they might have it, or a scared of getting it, might not want to come in at all. You don’t want to lose their business though, so sending customer texts about the different delivery or pickup options your dispensary may have is crucial to making sure you don’t lose their business. 

With this, you’ll want to also tell them where they can place their orders for pick-up or delivery. Can they order from your dispensary on Dutchie, Jane, or Weedmaps? It’s important that you let them know or even better, send them a link.

Keep customers updated on the status of their orders

While placing orders online for delivery or pick-up might make some customers more comfortable due to COVID, some may still be slightly worried about ordering online because of the uncertainty that comes with it.

When will their order be delivered or ready for pick-up? With text message marketing this question doesn’t have to come with a guessing game. Instead, you can keep customers up-to-date on the status of their orders. Whether it’s being processed, on its way, or it’s ready for pick-up, you can let your customers know with text message marketing.

Keep customers up-to-date with store operations 

Nothing is worse than wondering if somewhere is actually open during COVID. Especially if you had to shut-down in the past, some of your customers may not know that you’re up and running again.

For those customers who prefer to come in, text message marketing is perfect for updating them about store operations. You can let them know about any changes in operation hours, tell them when their favorite product has been restocked, and more with text message marketing. 

Send out discounts and tell customers about specials to spur sales

Have sales slowed down because of COVID? Sadly, the answer to that question is yes for many businesses. Luckily, you can spur sales with text message marketing by sending out discounts and telling customers about specials happening at your dispensary. 

On top of this, with springbig you can segment your customers so that you make sure you’re sending them discounts and specials for things they’re actually interested in. Doing this can greatly increase the number of customers who come in as a result of these messages. 

Springbig can help you do all of this and more

Doing all of this can be hard to keep up with, but with springbig it can be made easy with automation and customer segmentation. 

With springbig’s effective cannabis marketing, retention, and compliance tools, you can automate your entire text message marketing operation, collect customer data to use in targeted marketing campaigns, and make sure you’re staying compliant through it all. 

Interested in learning more? Then check out this article about marketing automation and segmentation, and check out our website for more specifics about how springbig can help your business grow.

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