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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why leveraging social media to highlight your dispensary loyalty rewards program is a good idea. Simply put, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram dominate the internet these days, and it is a losing battle trying to build a brand without them.

On the other hand, the cannabis industry faces bans and barriers for advertising on social media. So for dispensary owners, it can seem like a battle you can’t win.

Yet, with imagination and the right resources, social networks are still a valuable forum for cannabis retailers to connect with their community and find their audience. Once you understand the true reach of social media and the know-how to leverage your rewards program, you can create a new channel for your own comprehensive cannabis campaigns.

the true reach of social media

Most people in America today will either wake up checking their social notifications or go to bed after browsing around their social feed. These networks have become a prominent part of our everyday world, whether you like it or not.

But most people don’t actually realize just how massive the reach of these social media platforms is. To put it in perspective, we are going to throw some serious statistics at you.


acknowledging limitations

Needless to say, having a presence on social media is crucial to building a brand, even for dispensaries. Sadly, a social networking site like Facebook still strictly enforces advertising policies that prohibit sponsoring content about “illegal drugs.” Therefore, we have to acknowledge the real limitations of social media marketing and try to work around them as best we can.

Hopefully, with so many states moving toward legalization, those restrictions will soon be amended. For now, because cannabis laws around the world vary too drastically, global policy on sales would be far too difficult for Facebook to create at this point. So running sponsored ads for cannabis sales through social media is not an option for dispensaries right now.

However, it is still possible for dispensaries to benefit from leveraging their social media to promote their business, especially their loyalty rewards program. What they lack in raw advertising capabilities, they can still gain in being a consistent voice in their community.

That being said, connecting with your audience, and adding value to every interaction with them is critical. Thankfully, there are some simple ways you can leverage social media to promote your rewards program.

3 simple ways social media can promote cannabis loyalty rewards

Why do we use social media? To be social, right? We use “the book” to share news stories and blogs about which dog looks like each character of The Office. We use “the gram” to showcase pictures of our kids (maybe too much), our food (definitely too much), or places we visit on vacation (never enough). We use these sites to spread information and connect.

Therefore, it only makes sense that social media would present another opportunity for your dispensary to spread the word on their loyalty rewards program. Somewhat are the best ways to get your program in front of people?

1. post about your rewards wallet

The first is probably the most obvious. After all, the whole point of social networks is to post or engage with posts. Some stats show that 33.2% of social posts reach up to 999 people, while 24% reach up to 5,000. While this may not be the case with your profile (yet) you can still gain some momentum.


Posting pictures of your wallet, especially on platforms like Instagram, can draw a ton of attention to your springbig loyalty rewards. In some cases, dispensaries have more followers online than they do in their text marketing audience. Putting that content in front of such a wide audience can help create a bigger buzz for those customers who haven’t signed up yet.  For example, below you can see our friends at Fine Fettle in Willimantic, Connecticut shared a quick video tour of their rewards menu for their Instagram crowd.


Not all people are interested in giving you their phone number when they check out the first time at your store. A lot of people worry about being bombarded with telemarketing calls or inundated with random emails. However, some visual aid can go a long way in inspiring customer loyalty. Seeing your branded wallet with rewards and points might be just the motivation they need to sign up. In fact, Fine Fettle took it a step further, posting images of their Fine Fettle Club cards to drive more hype before their grand opening.

In both cases, Fine Fettle also does the next thing on our list that helps them leverage their social media to grow their cannabis rewards program.

2. share a sign-up link on your profile

Next, make sure to include a sign-up link on your profile. This will steer people who follow you on social media to a sign-up form where they can opt-in to your text message marketing. For Instagram, drop the link in your Bio and then make sure to tell followers where to find it any time you post. If you want, you can even use a link-shortening platform like Bitly to cut down on the characters of that link.

Of course, it’s also best practice to include the link if you take our first suggestion and post about your wallet. Make it less likely that people will get lost looking for a sign-up page.

3. make social media posts about offers available through loyalty rewards

Research shows that the fear of missing out (FOMO) is one of many powerful side-effects of social media. People see an event, a sale, or a product and wonder if they are missing their chance to be part of it. If you’ve ever been caught off guard by an ad online and found yourself scouring Amazon for new deals an hour later, you get it. This same FOMO strategy is sure to have your followers looking for a way to get in on the action.

Try posting about some of your dispensary loyalty rewards on social media. For example, if you send an MMS marketing campaign with a cool graphic offering bonus points for any purchase of edibles, post the graphic on your Instagram and social media page. Maybe each time you announce a new product or brand being added to your rewards menu, you share a post about it.

For example, say you decide to add a strain onto your rewards menu for VIP members. To celebrate, you design a cool MMS campaign similar to the one below. After sending the text out to your springbig contacts, you can repurpose the content into a social media post.

Now, not only do your current rewards members know about this new deal, but all the people who aren’t currently enrolled have more incentive to sign-up.

optimize your approach to cannabis text marketing

It all comes down to making the most out of every resource you have at your disposal. Offering a loyalty rewards program that you can customize for your customers is already a massive win. Then, springbig lets you add SMS and MMS marketing that helps you enhance our cannabis CRM experience. With all these tools, why would you not want to brag about it to your followers?

If you are using social media, you should be using it right. And the best way to leverage social media to carve out your own sales funnel is with the kind of effective CRM and rewards software you can only find with springbig


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