Compliant Cannabis Marketing Campaigns

Springbig’s marketing platform is designed specifically to give cannabis dispensaries and brands the solutions and services they need to send high-quality SMS and MMS campaigns while remaining compliant with all regulatory guidelines such as TCPA, CAN-SPAM, and CASL in the United States and Canada.


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Segmentation & Targeting

Bulk text messaging is a thing of the past. Our software automatically groups customers into segments based on their real-time data analysis of consumer preferences and buying patterns. We segment your lists to create personalized messages and targeted promotions. No more mass texts that lead to high opt-outs. Successful campaigns are personalized and data-driven. Working hand in hand with your loyalty program to increase retention.

AI Powered Automation

Take the stress off your team and automate your text message marketing strategy with our sms marketing software. Text message the right customers at exactly the right time with relevant and personalized campaigns. Nurture prospects along the customer journey from the day they opted in, improving customer engagement and satisfaction. 

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SHAFT Compliance

ensure your text messages are compliant with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), FCC, and Canadian CRTC/CLSA and all other Federal Laws  by using our e-signature app, designed to accommodate proper ‘double opt-in’ procedure – through both implied and expressed consent. Our platform always integrates easy-to-use ‘reply stop’ messages. Carrier regulations and laws from the big 3 (ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint) such as SHAFT are also handled for you so you don’t have to worry about campaign registration and focus on strategy instead. 

Campaign Performance Analytics

expect total transparency on deliverability and open rates, as well as textable member count shown right on your campaign monitor dashboard. We also utilize proprietary technology to filter out fake phone numbers, burner phones, and landlines, making sure your marketing dollars are being spent efficiently. 

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Advantages of Text Messaging

Text messaging is the most effective marketing channel in a dispensaries inventory

Increase CLV

SMS & MMS messaging can influence buying patterns among cannabis consumers and incentivize them to buy more. Using data-driven insights allows dispensary marketers to know the best products to offer and the best times to send their campaigns.

Personalized Messaged

Use springbig's built in analytics and reporting suite to align your SMS campaigns with your audiences preferences to increase click rates and conversion over generic email templates. Impersonal text blasts are a thing of the past.

Grow Your List Quickly

Add subscribers quickly and compliantly using website popups, text-to-join keywords, and custom QR codes that always include double opt-ins and age gates as well as a seamless opt-out experience.

Guaranteed Conversion

Text messages have a 98% open rate, 93% of which are opened in the first 3 minutes! There is no other method of mass outreach that will have this level of ROI for cannabis dispensaries. Most springbig clients reach ROI within the first month after onboarding!

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See How Springbig Keeps you Compliant

Unlike other SMS text engines out there springbig is not satisfied with forcing cannabis business to never use cannabis-related keywords. We've created our Stashboard system to allow retailers to continue sending cannabis content with high delivery rates while avoid violations fees.

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