intelligent SMS marketing for the cannabis industry

  • text messages have a 99% open rate,  and 90% of texts are opened within the first 3 minutes of being received, compared to 25% open rates for email marketing
  • SMS marketing allows you to advertise right on a customer’s phone for a fraction of the price of a dedicated mobile marketing app
  • Bulk texting is a thing of the past, targeted text marketing is here to stay
  • Text your customers, because your competitors are already doing it



Automate your dispensary marketing strategy with a cannabis text messaging service to take some stress off your marketing team and connect with customers at exactly the right time.


Use cannabis text message marketing promotions to push sales and enroll people into your dispensary's loyalty rewards program.


Open communication with your customer through dispensary texting allows you to better understand their needs, improve customer relations, and increase customer satisfaction.


Build customer loyalty by sending rewards and offers using cannabis SMS marketing campaigns.


Cannabis text message marketing may conjure up ideas of being outdated and unsophisticated, but our platform offers cutting edge technology which makes cannabis dispensary texting software a vital marketing tool.

brand awareness

Use our dispensary SMS marketing software to drive traffic your website and online reviews to increase your online presence and expand your digital reach.


Enterprise-level reporting and analytics into all your dispensary text message marketing efforts so you know exactly which dispensary texting campaigns and promotions work.


This isn't just group texting software for dispensaries, you're not sending mass text messages to your entire customer base in bulk, You're using analytics and segmentation to target specific customers and increase conversion rates.


Text message marketing from a dispensary may seem impersonal but with our birthday and milestone automated messages you can put a 😃 on your customers faces. Did we mention our platform includes emojis and MMS.

increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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