personalized marketing
The Benefits of Personalized Marketing and Automat...

In a competitive industry like the Cannabis industry, everybody is looking for any and all ways to stay ahead of the competition. In the digital age, doing this comes down to a lot more than

streamline delivery
How COVID-19 Changed Cannabis Consumer Behavior

As we are all aware, things have changed drastically over the last few months due to COVID-19. Even the simplest things such as eating inside a restaurant either aren’t possible anymore or are much harder

MA Cannabis Sales graphic
Massachusetts Dispensary Sales Surge

This year has forced retailers spanning every industry to reevaluate their existing sales strategies. For cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts, this was especially pertinent given the state’s stringent COVID retail regulations in the first half of

PAX Doubles Sales at Leading Dispensary Through Br...

As the cannabis market becomes more diversified and competitive, many established brands are seeking out more effective ways to engage new and returning customers in this new retail landscape. Although consumers have come to embrace

Washington Retailers Drive Sales and Loyalty Redem...

Retailers across all industries have been forced to adapt to the ever evolving consumer landscape in the wake of COVID-19, but many cannabis retailers have embraced tech-driven solutions in this time of uncertainty. This is

maintain loyalty
Oregon Cannabis Retailers Maintain Loyalty Momentu...

Retail businesses have taken a substantial hit during COVID-19 shutdowns, but cannabis retailers in several states have mostly bucked this national trend. This is especially the case in Oregon, where springbig found that dispensary partners

common mistakes
How Cannabis Retailers Can Overcome the Most Press...

Every industry comes with its unique challenges, but there are few modern industries that experience as many operational and regulatory obstacles as cannabis retail. In the process of finding new and compliant ways to attract

perfect timing
Perfect Timing: When Should You Send Your Dispensa...

Text message marketing has become a staple of many dispensaries’ marketing strategies. With its 98% open rate and with 90% of messages being opened within the first 3 minutes of them being sent, if you

brand - retailer collaboration
How One California Cannabis Brand Was Able to Gene...

Existing state and federal regulations have made cannabis advertising and marketing unnecessarily cumbersome for consumer-facing cannabis companies. While mainstream brands are free to directly market their products to potential customers, cannabis companies are still barred

How Cannabis Retailers Have Successfully Adapted t...

As the pandemic continues to challenge established retail practices and consumer behaviors across the country, dispensaries have adapted exceptionally well to this new normal by strategically leveraging dispensary technology. While several mainstream industries are struggling