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What is the Best Type of Dispensary Loyalty Program?

Loyalty Marketing Makes a Dispensary Stand Out As the cannabis industry continues to mature and become increasingly saturated, customers have a variety of dispensaries to choose from and it’s becoming difficult for a dispensary to stand out among the crowd with a unique customer engagement experience. People come in and shop once, then move on

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5 Ways to Use Digital Signage to Promote a Dispensary Loyalt...

Screens are a staple of the twenty-first century. Whether it is the big screen TV in your living room, or the little screen tucked into your pocket, our lives are filled with devices that give us access to a wealth of information and entertainment. But for businesses, screens offer a unique opportunity for creative digital

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3 ways To Retain Dispensary Customers After The Holiday Rush

Cannabis businesses saw record sales this past ‘Green Wednesday’ and ‘Black Friday’. But now that those days have passed dispensary owners should be asking themselves how they are going to turn those holiday shoppers into repeat customers. We’ll provide 3 proven methods of boosting customer retention to get those holiday shoppers coming back for more

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Cannabis Retail Guide for the Holiday Season

Brace yourselves, winter is coming. No, the White Walkers were last year, but what’s actually coming could be a close second to the brutal cold fronts, and just as inevitable: holiday shoppers *shiver*. Though only slightly less dangerous, the chaos holiday shopping brings is on par with how the Walkers roll into town, both in-store

What Makes a Dispensary Great?

In 1992, the history of cannabis changed forever when the first American medical marijuana dispensary was founded in San Francisco. At first, expansion of the industry was slow, but in the past few years cannabis has become the fastest growing industry in the nation. As of 2021, there are 35 states which allow the use

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7 Meaningful Ways Cannabis Retailers Can Reward Customers

managing marijuana loyalty rewards There is a ton of data out there about how instrumental a rewards program can be for successful cannabis dispensaries. Central to the concept of a loyalty program is exclusive access to sales, discounts, and special offers to earn rewards. But some business owners don’t fully understand why these programs matter.

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Customer Loyalty: The Gift That Keeps Giving

In order to succeed in the ever-growing cannabis industry, you have to take a long hard look inward at your own customer base. Are there new faces coming in to never return again? Do you know what strain to grab when a repeat customer walks in? Are customers purchasing a wide array of products, or

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Why Your Dispensary’s Loyal Customers Deserve VIP Trea...

who doesn’t want to be a VIP? Do you want to roll out the red carpet for your dispensary’s customers and give them the best experience in town?  Dispensary loyalty programs give customers the VIP treatment that will keep them coming back. Your loyal customers deserve to be treated like VIPs because, according to a

5 Best Ways to Promote Your Dispensary Loyalty Program

stand out from the competition A dispensary loyalty program is a must-have in today’s cannabis retail market in order to retain a strong customer base. Gone are the days when people would shop at your business just because you have what they need and come up on search engines for “cannabis dispensaries near me.” These

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How to Keep a Cannabis Customer For Life

turning transactions into long-term relationships Sure, not everyone experiences love at first sight. But your mission as a business owner is to try charming every customer into a long-term relationship with your store. So what are the things that make any relationship work? More than likely, it is something you are passionate about. It probably

increase retention, boost revenue, build customer loyalty, & create smarter marketing campaigns.

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